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PHOTO: My Weekly Schedule be like

Take responsibility for your own happiness. Happiness is a choice :)

Heart Rays. . .Giving out the light.


lindaspears said...

Yes! Everyday!!!

Deborah Anyeasi said...

Happiness is a choice. I choose happiness!

Tomi 'Molola said...

Lol you got me there. Might as well copy your weekly schedule too. I choose to be happy :D

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CatwalkwithPat said...

Happiness is from within


Kola said...

haha this made me chuckle. love it :)

immanuel said...

wow. Yes ooo Happy day Always..... I had 150k Shortage at work yet I keep smiling..... people keep asking me what funny I said Joy all I see Is Joy smiling..cause I believe...... paid remain 20k..... Thanks for shearing amaka.


Sandyluv said...

This is so cool. Happiness is a decision you make.

bolateethole.blogspot.com said...

Because am HAPPY!


E-Rella said...

Me too..no matter the circumstances, be happy!


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