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PHOTO: God Has a Plan

I posted some random tweets on Twitter. These tweets reveal the state of my heart at the moment. My heart desperately wants to know what God's plan is. Do I go or do I stay? Do I work through or do I move on?

God Has a Plan

What is God's plan for your life? Life is a series of journeys. You need continuous divine direction for each turn. Divine direction is when God supernaturally orders your steps, and moves you in the right path.

  • Lord, I submit to Your will. Lead me. Guide me. And show me the way.

  • Lord, it's hard for me to understand what Your plan is. But I trust You cos I know You have prepared the best for me.

  • I want to move forward but I need God to give me to give me the direction take. It's useless moving in the wrong direction without His purpose.

  • State of Heart: Focus on God's plan.

  •  No matter how enviable your destiny is, or how glorious your ministry may be, You need DIVINE DIRECTION to SECURE it.

  • Lord, I'm willing and available. Use me.

  • Sometimes, it takes guts to do what God asks. 

  • I have no plan. So I'm currently seeking God's plan for my life.

  •  God will do what He plans no matter what your beliefs are.

The journey is not as important as knowing the right direction. May you not move in the wrong direction. Amen!

Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
Twitter: @Amakamedia
Email: amakamedia@yahoo.com

Heart Rays . . .giving out  the light.


Obiri Yaw said...

Amen oooooooo

Adebayo Adegbite said...

It is wonderful and worthwhile to wait for God''s guidance and to obey it. Thank you for your clear message.

lindaspears said...

Yes ooooo...........We are children of Almighty God. He is our Father, He loves us, and He has a plan for us. We are not here in this life just to waste our time, grow old, and die. God wants us to grow and achieve our potential. ........ Lord, show me the way!!!!

Anonymous said...

hope u knw u don't get direction by posting on twitter.looil God has a plan indeed!

Amakamedia said...

Lol. Yes, I know right. Thanks for visiting.

Amakamedia said...

Oh God bless your heart my friend. Your comment is spot on! May He who knows our beginning and end hear our heart cry today. Amen!

Amakamedia said...

It gladdens my heart to know you can get something out of this post. Thank you for visiting Mr. Bayo. It's been quite a while. :)

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