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Memorable Election Day

I know non-Nigerians visit Heart Rays but sometimes, only Nigerians are on my mind when I blog. (Wait, am I a racist? No!) Lol. No offence, lovelies. It's the current season.

So "awon temi" and "ndi otum", how was the election? Tell me how it went. *chuckles* Who did you vote for?

Memorable Election Day

Ok, let's do a little amebo things. Hehehe. . . There are three things that make today quite memorable for me.

  • The Proposal

Some guy decided to propose to his girlfriend at a polling unit today. Isn't that memorable? Congratulations to them!
Some people said the guy was not romantic. What do you think? Well, I personally feel being romantic is relative. I hope I'm not weird to find it so. Anyways, I'd like my future hubby to be creative with his proposal *blinks*

    • Mum and I

This is funny. Mum wanted candidate A to win while I wanted candidate B to win. We had a hot argument on the matter. I told her that her opinion was sentimental and not idealistic. She wouldn't agree.

That was how we went to the polling unit together to vote for different candidates. *shrugs* Aren't we all entitled to our opinions?

    • Vote in the Rain

Forget it, Nigerians are patriotic. The rain poured, yet it didn't stop anyone from voting. Nobody complained, murmured, or said anything derogatory. We all stood by our country because we want the best for our future.

I hope Mr. President will not disappoint us. We have done our part. We have proven our love over again. Under the sun, and in the rain, we'll stand with strength for change.

What's your election story?

This week has been all about Nigeria - election and politics. I believe it's safe to draw a conclusion now.

The conclusion of the matter: Although, you are in this world but you are not of this world. Therefore, you should not put your faith on any man, or governor, or president. Look up to God for your supply so that when others say, "look, there is a casting down"; you will say, "oh, there is a lifting up!" Joel 22:29.

And yes, God gave answers to our #PrayerForNigeria. The election was indeed peaceful.

Glory to God!


Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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