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VIDEO: The Whole Bible in a Video

Yay! It's Sunday! How are you doing? I had a long day yesterday. *whispers* There is gist o. But let's save it for next week Thursday. *winks* I hope you went to church today?  Oya na, pass me some Rays you've got. Werin pastor preach today?

Meanwhile, a friend sent me this video, and I thought it cool to share it on Heart Rays. This is the summary of the Gospel. Watch and blessed!

And yes, Happy New Month!

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...Let There Be Light!


lindaspears said...

Babe the video no dey play na

Adams said...

It seems the video wasn't uploaded completely. Check on it asap

Don44 said...

Happy New Month 2 u too! Today is thanksgiving sunday... more of praise. No much preaching. And I cant play the video

Vicky Wendu said...


Amakamedia said...

oops! Apologies. Lemme see if I can upload it via Youtube. The video is really amazing. Bear with me.

Dann said...

how far?

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