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Let's Have Some Fun Today!

O-M-G! It's the end of February already. Is the year running so fast or is it me? *checks the calendar* It's the last Saturday of the month o. We did have some fun on the last Saturday of January. (The square counts. Remember?) So I'd like us to play again. *jumping like a chick* Yeah lovelies, let's play!

In the picture above is a puzzle of rays. There are more than 30 positive rays you can find. Here is how to play:
  1. You will pick any of the rays you find/like
  2. You will describe the ray in less than 4 sentences or
  3. You will tell us how your February went in less than 5 sentences. That's all.

Please note:
  • You cannot pick any ray that has already been described. (only if all the rays have been described).
  • #1 is compulsory while you choose between #2 and #3.  
  • You can answer as many times as you like. This should be fun!
I guess I should go first. To set the ball rolling. Right? Ok.

Hmmm. . . 

  1. I pick the ray of LOVE. 
  2. Love is not just a feeling. It is a vision of the heart and a decision of commitment.

Now, your turn! 

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Heart Rays . . .giving out the light.

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