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NEWS: A 15 Year Old Lost, Now Found

Great to start the month with this good news. God is Good! *claps*

A 15 year old Paulina Ojeka Ogwuledwu, who was declared missing by her family on Wednesday, January 14th, has been found. She lived with her Uncle in Ogba, Lagos. She is also an apprentice with a fashion outlet in Ogba. On the day she went missing, Paulina had gone for her training and returned in the evening but later left the house.

She has been found. Yes, alive. :)

But, I'm baffled in the part where her uncle, Pastor Akinlade said, she returned home on Friday, January 30th with the intent of parking her things to go live with a man she'd met at a bus park.

Erm, I think that man she went to meet should be interrogated. What rubbish!

The report says she's currently undergoing rehabilitation. She definitely isn't in her right senses. Well, it's a good thing that she's home.

God brought her back.

(Source: LIB)

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Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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Tolani said...

What's up with these girls who always go missing always? Thank God. I agree with you on that one. That man should be arrested. 15 year old? My God

Abbey said...

People go missing during election period like this. What would the family have done? I wish her quick recovery tho

Bukola A said...

Thank God. Amaka, well done o. This is what keeps me coming back. Good news. But that man is very stupid.

KayCee Blunt said...

Why y'al blaming d man? Her uncle says she left the house. LEFT THE HOUSE BY HERSELF. she was not forced. Be objective in your judgement

Amakamedia said...

Ehn, Kaycee what are you saying?

Bukola A said...

Help me ask him o

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