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Love Can Be Nurtured

I slept off while drafting this post last night. I was too tired that I forgot to save it. Jeez! So I had to start all over this morning. How challenging it was for me. Phew! You bet it was more than this. . .

Love Can Be Nurtured

LOVE is humorously defined as "A feeling you feel when you are feeling something you've never felt before". Basically, love is having something special in your heart for someone. It is a feeling of intimacy.

Above all the definitions of LOVE, one word stands out for me - COMMITMENT. Love is committing yourself to someone or something (a dream, a cause or a vision) you care about. You cannot be in love if you are not willing to do something about it.

Some people say: "love just happens." I disagree. Love doesn't just happen. You have DECIDE to let love. You have to make it reign in your relationship, marriage, and life in general.

Love can be nurtured to grow. It can become a powerful uniting force. Your relationship will succeed when you delibrately commit yourself to making it work.

1. Love yourself, celebrate yourself.
2. Develop strong confidence. Believe in your dreams, and your vocation.
3. Be a cheerful giver. Giving is an attribute of love.
4. Develop a charming, trendy dress sense. Work on your looks, body language and posture. 
5. Improve on your communication skills. Be excellent in your speech. Be articulate.
6. Always radiate high intelligence.
7. Develop a calm, peaceful and joyful personality. You don't have to be loud.
8. Be God-centered in your choices, actions and lifestyle.

Love is work. You have to keep the fire burning, if not, the flames will just fly away ni.

February is the month of LOVE. It will be amazing to have every heart radiating with love.

How are you nurturing your love?

Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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Jayrule said...

Sounds like the message in here resonates really deeply hun. Beautiful to hear

Bunmi said...

oh,i just stumbled on ur blog..and i love ur posts.. Love is work indeed. we don't have to fold our hands and watch it grow, we need to water it, tend it and care for it. The design of your blog is soooooo coooooool

lindaspears said...

Big eyes, I've been trying to reach you. Wetin do your BBM? you nt replying my pings. I thing you need that number 6 more. IMPROVE ON YOUR COMMUNICATION SKILLS. Lol. Miss u hun.

Brendygirl said...

Hi Amaka Media, I really liked the part about working out your love. You are completely right when you say “Love doesn’t just happen” I’ve never thought about that beforee and it is the truth. Thank you for that aha moment.

Amakamedia said...

LOL. Big nose, I miss you too, love.

Amakamedia said...

Thank you, Bunmi :)

Amakamedia said...

seems like I'm glad :D

Amakamedia said...

Yes, Brendygirl. Love is an effort. We'll never love completely if we're not willing to pay the price.

Chioma Dike said...

i believe that love is somthing that we both have to work for if we want to keep it, to experience the ups and downs. As always, nice post.

Amole John said...

What price r we to pay again, christ has paid the whatever price u can think of.

somebody said...

is talking about the work it takes to be in a relationship and stay....any relationship takes work and effort... time is the price...time out of our busy lives ...this includes our relationship
with God. It takes time and effort to read and understand His word...time for church time for prayer....you have to give up time
to someone or something elese. ...tou have to be selfless and give give
give....love is not free to keep...the emotion is free the action of
showing someone you love them takes work on your part

Vicky Wendu said...

Jesus already paid the price, His love is perfected in us as his spirit lives in us then Love becomes effortless. We should Love with His love.

Amakamedia said...

The price? Ok. Lemme explain, To nuture means to care for and to encourage. Sometimes people will disappoint us, hurt us to an extent that we seem so tired to love anymore. The flesh will fight with our spirit not to forgive.. And It takes the Love of God to forgive and forget and still continue in love... My dear John, Love is an effort.. And we need to pray and ask God to give us the strength to love and fill us with His love. Love na work abeg!

Amakamedia said...

Aww, Exactly. Thank you soo much.

Deborah Anyeasi said...

Nice post. But how would developing a good dress sense help me nuture my love? Pls, Explain.

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