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How to Unlock Your Self-Mastery by Journaling without Paying Much

The use of ‘diary’ is so old school now. Hahaha…. It’s interesting how each generation gets a new name for an already existing idea or concept. There are some things I hear people say today, and I’m like, “I do that too! In fact I’ve been doing that for yearsssss!” For instance, I have always preached the gospel of keeping a diary (see here and there) many times on Heart Rays. But, I think it’s high time I updated that to journaling. You feel me? 

A Practical Way to Gain Self-Mastery

Unlock self mastery

First of all, I want to confess that I still find it very difficult to call my diary a journal. It’s so hard but I’m giving it a try. Let’s explore an entry in an old journal: 

Tuesday, 17 AUGUST, 2010 - 
I feel so like Job. 
"Curse God and die!" my thoughts yell at me.
"Look at your life!" 
How can God be faithful when He's obviously done nothing about my results?
I am still here when others have gone ahead.
I feel like I am the worst sinner. Maybe my sins are too much and God is trying to punish me. 

Anyway sha I know I will get through this. I believe God is faithful. He still loves me.
I wrote that at one of the most overwhelming seasons of my life. Guess what? I had just found out that I failed a final year course, which means an automatic extra year at the university. I felt like a failure and just wanted to end it all. 

Here is a more recent entry on my journal:

Sunday, 21 April, 2024 -
Me: Wait. Wait. Wait. I thought Kachi was just a Teens’ Church Co-ordinator?
God: Well, he is technically a Pastor of the Teens’ church. So…
Me: Ah! God! 
Haha! So las las, I became a pastor’s wife? 
Once again, I realized that God has quite a sense of humor (Throwback to when God enjoys akara 😅) Kachi posted a picture of us after church with the caption 'The Pastor, His Wife, and His Guest.' At first, I smiled at the caption, but then I looked at it again, and it hit me like a bolt out of the blue!

You can call me many things – a life-learner, a creative, life-giver, a writer, a blogger, a vlogger, a mum, a teacher, a fashionista, or even a snub. But one thing you cannot deny about me is that I AM EXTREMELY SELF-AWARE. Oh, I know a lot about ME inside-out. Shout out to the Holy Ghost!

My self-awareness is directly related to the awareness of the workings of God in my life. Let me put it this way:

My God-consciousness = My self-awareness
The more I see God, the more I become… ME (in Christ). 

The entirety of this blog has been a ten-year journey of self-discovery, self-growth, and self-mastery.

People often say that self-discovery is hard work, and indeed it is, but it can also be fun. It is work because it requires you to reflect, and thoroughly STUDY yourself as you would do at a university. Yes, quite literally, the journey of self-discovery is like attending a “YOU-niversity.”

Instead of simply acting, reacting and moving on, you are forced to step back and look at your actions and reactions as an observer would. It is this process that allows you to ultimately bring about the changes leading to your growth and transformation.

As you grow, you develop the ability to control yourself in the midst of all the temptations and you move forward consciously. Your purpose starts to unfold and you develop the discipline and boldness you need to walk in it. That’s self-mastery. And it’s so illuminating. 

One of the areas of emphasis for my 2024 is a more audacious approach to my self-mastery. During the second half of 2023, my self-learning routines scaled up to a 100 and had me so revved up to apply MYSELF. So I am making plans to apply all that I have mastered so far in the next decade, starting from this year. 
Ten years being a blogger is a foundation for what God is preparing me for. Glory!

So, my sweetheart, now you know the key. Keep a diary. Oops. Sorry. Grab your journal. Document stuff. Whatever works for you in this season. See God.

I find myself increasingly capturing moments on camera and deriving joy from the photos and videos more than ever before. My children serve as my primary motivation now. They're growing up so quickly, and I couldn't imagine not being able to keep up with that.

Therefore, the need for journaling – the focus and perspective that it provides – have never been greater.

Cheers to continuous growth!

Stay positive.
Stay inspired.
Stay be-YOU-tiful.

Written by Nwamaka Onyekachi
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