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STYLE: How To Stay Timeless

Wouldn’t you love to look back 20 years from now and actually love the outfits you wore? 

Timeless Style

Once upon a time, French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent made a statement that changed people’s perceptions towards clothes. He said, 

“Fashion fades, but style is eternal.”

This saying shows us that our clothes are major indicators of our personalities beyond wearing a well-tailored pencil skirt or a flowing tulle gown. Simply put, they tell people who we are without saying a word.

Fashion has always been a way for people to express themselves. In an ever-evolving world filled with many voices via trends and several fashion dos and don’ts, it’s important to always stay true to your style.

If you don’t know your true style statement, take this free style guide to figure it out.

There is something very sophisticated and timeless about black and white outfits. The “colourless” combination has been a favourite of every fashion enthusiast and will never go out of style. Timeless style is often linked to classic and minimalist fashion styles. However, it is good to know what styles you tend to gravitate towards most so that you can evolve your personal preferences to be more timeless. Because, first and foremost, your style is about YOU. 

Timeless fashion always feels complete. It’s not overly done or lacking. And the reason it is so successful is that the outfits are “perfect”.

There you have what I wore to church today: a black and white checkered shirt, perfectly matching with Kachi. I was thrilled to see my sister-friend, Chiedozie, who came all the way from the UK to "surprise" her friends and family. The person I'm hugging in the picture above is her. I'm saving the hugs and pictures until our next. It was delightful that she was also dressed in white and black, creating a timeless look.

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