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POEM: Black turns White

As I looked around to see
Many moving, others waiting
I began to wonder in that place
What is the meaning of this exactly?
The look on the dark faces
The glow of the white apparels
All saying different things

I could see the cloud too
The weather was friendly as ever
Neither sun nor rain was in sight
Could it be that nature is white?
I wanted to be certain for sure
So I began to look beyond the surface
All things seemingly coordinating

I was sitting at that time
So I stood to have a different view
It felt a little beyond the ordinary
Could it be that things are really different?
Not exactly what it seemed at first
The world must be moving, I guess
And I'm moving too, writing here

It is another point to view
As I look deeper and within
To understand the meaning
Beyond the dark faces and white apparels
The truth is being revealed
When the light appears
Black turns white.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu
(This poem was inspired by NIS when they had thousands of youths wear white shorts and shirts to the recruitment test centre- March 2014. I wrote this poem right there.)

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Serah said...

You may not know this. But this poem is prophetic. I like how you use your gift for goodness. Pls don't stop. Keep giving this light to drive away darkness.

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