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Being Single

The first time I posted this was on Facebook, and I thought it cool to have it on my blog too... *smiles*

Maybe your friends have got boy/girl friends, they are coupling up, dating, married. And you're wondering and thinking. You're not happy. You be like; "Why am I single?" "Why is my life so miserable?"

Hey! Hang in there. Put yourself together. You've got more reasons to be happy and proud as well as your friends. I tell you what. . .

Being single is neither a curse nor a disease.
NO! It does not mean loneliness. 
Being single is a season with boundless opportunities for growth,learning and service. A gift. A blessing. A freedom to explore and rule your very own world.

Being single is a blessing in every word of it. It's a reason for a season in every letter of its spelling. 

This will help us understand and get a better view:

It is a season for you to sharpen your gifts and use them to shape your world.

Developing yourself. Doing all you can into becoming all you want to be.

A time to nurture the strength of character and virtues. 

Growing in all knowledge and wisdom to attain true maturity and godliness .

L- Living Alone
Living in purity and love. Loving yourself everyday!

Enjoying the season. Having fun. Creating an atmosphere of love. And expecting a worthy marriage that will stand the test of time

So, wear a smile, walk tall, get out there and be bold to say: ''Yes, I Am Single!". 

© 2010 Amakamedia

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