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REVIEW: A Time To Fight

I never let any day go by without at least glancing through by daily devotionals. But today, I decided to hear God personally speak to me. I opened my bible even before taking a look at my devotionals. I needed to have just one word for me. Yes, for me. Guess what I did? Something which may sound rather childish. If you must know, I love to approach my loving heavenly father as a child. He likes it. Yeah. So,with my hands stretched and my eyes closed, I opened my bible. And just when I opened my eyes, boom!
ISAIAH 13:2-5 grabbed not just my eyes, but also my heart.

And because I want you to also grab your bible, open your heart and read those verses with me. I chose not to quote the verses here.

However, here's my very own word for the day:

There is a battle to be won
A cause to fight for
It is a time of war
A time to fight
God has prepared His own
Equipped with skills
Made for a purpose
Anointed for service
The strong and mighty
They are coming!
I am blogging!
We are coming!

Written by Amaka Ajaegbu

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