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Prophetic Pregnancy Announcement – PerfectMachForever

Never ever felt such Joy overflow in my heart! Kachi and I are introducing you to our pregnancy/baby journey with this music video titled ‘We Prophesy’. Pregnancy Announcement can also come with a prophetic element. This is more than a song. 

‘We Prophesy’ – PerfectMachForever  



I have waited and prayed
I’ve expected the day
When I’ll have you in my hands and say

Daddy loves you
Mummy loves you too
So we sing for you
You’re not an ordinary child o
You are a dream com true,
The world is waiting for you
So we prophesy,
You are not an ordinary child

Just like Joseph and Mary
We embarked on this journey
For this and more we give God all the glory...
He has changed our story
You see this child that we carry
Just like Mary, it’s not ordinary

You are coming in the power
Of the holy ghost
In the name of the father son and holy ghost
You are for signs and wonders
We prophesy....
You will soar like an eagle
You will shine like a star you are
You’ll be brave like a lion we prophesy!

We prophesy...
We prophesy...
(Repeat severally with prophetic utterance)

Pregnancy Announcement by PerfectMachForever

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