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POEM: Greater Within

Deep down in your heart
Between thoughts in your mind
In the view of your Imagination
In the touch of your spirit
In the whisper of your words
Lies the passion within you.

In the midst of situations around you
In the heights of circumstances surrounding you
in the levels of challenges facing you
In the stage of difficulties surmounting you
In the centre of your expected core responsibilities
Lies the power within you.

Among the calibre of friends you keep
In the pages of books you read
From the atmosphere of places you go
Within the form of countenance you wear
In the character of habits you exhibit
Lies the influence within you.

In the nature of arts you love
In the colour of things you cherish
In the arts of words you say
In the act of works you perform
In the fit of attire you appear
Lies the beauty within you.

Written By: Nwamaka Ajaegbu
Twitter: @Amakamedia

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