Monday, 10 March 2014

POEM: I'm Writing Again

source: Google
It's all coming back to me
Like the dew of the morning
It smells new and fresh
How I love this beginning
I sense it
I write again

I was rusty and maybe blind
Cos nothing seemed writing about
But today, I see everything
Everything is making sense
I see it
I write again

I heard sounds but didn't understand
I went where I couldn't be found
But now, I know where I am
Somewhere I can view things right
I know it
I write again

This feeling hasn't been lost
The smell of something fresh
Still lures me into this scene
Where the heavens allow me
The ink is flowing
I write again

I write again
I'm writing again
Yes, I write again

© 2014 Amakamedia
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