Monday, 24 March 2014


A - Apply your Abilities

B- Be your Best

C- Charge-up your Confidence

D- Dare your Dreams

E- Explore your Experience

F- Fight your Fears

G- Get your Goals

H- Have your Happiness

I- Initiate your Ideas

J- Justify your Joy

K- Keep your keepings

L- Live your life

M- Motivate your mind

N- Nurture your Nature

O- Optimize your Opportunities

P- Pursue your Passion

R - Reach your Resolutions

S- Sharpen your skills

T- Transform your Today

U- Unleash your Uniqueness

V- Voice-out your Views

W- Work-out your Worth

X- Xplore your X

Y- Yes your Yes

Z- Zero-in on your Zeal

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