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One of the reasons why we get disappointed by the people we relate with is because we expect too much from them . . . too much. Let's learn to cut down on the expectations a little bit.

9 Things Not To Expect From People

We live in a world full of negativity. A world full of illusions and false expectations. We need more positive minded people to change the world.

I strive towards living life filled with positivity, inspiration and love. And I want as many to be on this journey with me. That is why I'm here. Isn't that why you are here too? :)

Cutting off the following expectations we desire from people can make life easier for us.

1. Don't Expect People To Make You Happy
Happiness is entirely your choice. People cannot make you happy. Being in a relationship does not guarantee you being happy. It is a function of the choice you make regardless of what people do to you. Don't depend on anyone for your happiness. (Listen to 'where happiness comes from') 

2. Don't Expect People To Always Agree With You
Your ideas may be so good. It is natural to be convinced that your opinion is the best. But hey, people think differently. And your idea may sound entirely different from theirs. So don't get mad when they will not change their mind or agree with you. (Read how to 'Listen Actively') 

3. Don't Expect People To Automatically Like You
You want to be liked. Me too. We all like to be liked. But the truth is, no matter how good-looking, intelligent, creative and nice you are, everybody cannot like you. Get over it. (Read Inspirational quotes against haters)

4. Don't Expect People To Understand How You Feel
You as an individual, how many people do you exactly understand what they are feeling? We get too preoccupied with ourselves that we fail to observe what others are going through. Stop complaining that nobody understands you. People are not wired to understand how you feel (unless they are very very close to you).

5. Don't Expect People To Respect You More Than You Respect Them
Are you really expecting people to respect you when you don't respect them? Oh, plea. . . se! Respect is reciprocal. You have to treat people the same way you want to be treated.

6. Don't Expect People To Be Perfect
We are human. We make mistakes. No one can be entirely perfect and completely faultless. Keep this in mind every time someone gets you angry. Make an excuse for them that they are only being human. A great sage once said to err is human, to forgive is divine. Forgive people already!

7. Don't Expect People To Care About You Every Time
It's unfair to expect people to be thinking of you all the time. We all have several things to think about every moment of the day. Your partner cannot be thinking of you every minute. Let's be practical.

8. Don't Expect People To Believe In Your Dream
You are the only one who can deter you from the path to fulfilling your dream. Take charge of your life. Believe in your self. In fact, one of the signals to how successful you will be is how much opposition you get. Be glad when people don't believe in your dream, and stay committed when they try to discourage you.

9. Don't Expect People To Plan Your Life
Many times we expect our parents, our friends, our partner, our boss, our pastor and even the government to plan our lives. When you leave your life to be planned by people, you will never be the best you can possibly be. Work out your own plan.

"Disappointment to a noble soul is what cold water is to burning metal; it strengthens, tempers, intensifies, but never destroys it." 
– Eliza Tabor

People can be annoying. Right? I know. But we are commanded to love them anyway. Try to ignore people's weaknesses and build on their strengths. Remembering how God loves you when you’re not very lovable is the beginning of learning how to love other people (no matter what they do to you).

We were born to love. :)

What other expectations have I left out? Please add them in the comment box below.

Cheers to better relationships!

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